We provide professional prompt insured pool table service.  

Services available include:
  • Pool Table Cloth Recovering in MALI Cloth , SIMMONIS Cloth or OLHAUSEN ACCUGUARD CLOTH   
  • Complete Pool Table move ( in-house move ; in-house move and recover)
  • Move Pool Table and Cloth Recover at the same time
  • Disassemble Pool Table
  • Disassemble Pool Table and take to it storage
  • Disassemble and Crate the slate
  • Assemble Pool Table 
  • Assemble Pool Table and Cloth Recover
  • Re cushion  includes new cushions K66 /Recover
  • Re cushion with ACCUFAST cushions /Cloth Recover
  • Re level off of floor
  • Re level off of slate area
  • Re level Slate and Recover
  • Cloth Recover Rails only
  • Cloth Recover Slate only
  • Call us for prices and scheduling or for more information: