Measure from floor 51 1/4" and mark wall with horizontal line 18" in length using a level.

Locate studs in wall between the 18" width line and mark.

Drill (4) holes in backing of scoreboard to correspond with studs.

Position scoreboard by aligning bottom edge with line.
Use flush mounting screws and secure to studs.

Place a Dartshark Dartboard #5001 or #5008 with top edge under brackets and slide bottom into place. Use American end-grain wooden tournament style dartboards only.

If doors are not flush shim opposite corner of cabinet frame at wall

Begin play and enjoy!!

To store darts place in holes along bottom frame and close doors.



Place Dartboard 5' 3" from floor to center of bulls eye.

Measure and place foul line 7' 3" from base of wall.



BASEBALL - Tournament Style
To begin, each player shoots 1 dart at the bulls eye to determine who begins play. Closest to the center is first and so on. The game begins by each player throwing 3 darts at the #1 or the first "inning" trying to score as many points as possible. Each remaining player does the same. Next they shoot at #2 and continue in numerical rotation through the 9th "inning". The player with the most "runs" wins. Scoring for each "inning" is 1 point for large white area, 2 points for red area, and 3 points for small white area. Any darts in the blue portion count as 0.

Each player throws three darts at the triple or small white segment between the red and blue in the number 13. If one or more darts enter this area, this entitles the player to shoot at the #1 or 1st inning to try to score as many points as possible. If two darts land in the trip 13, the player's score doubles on that next particular inning. If no darts land in trip 13, the next player shoots. Scoring on each inning is as follows: Large white segment, 1 point; red segment, 2 points; small white outer segment, 3 points.

6 11: CORK
Each player shoots three darts - one at #6, one at #11, and the last one at the bull's eye (cork). Points are scored when darts land on that particular number; cork counts as five points. This is played for three or five innings.

Player first throws at #20, trying to score as many points as possible with first dart. If player scores, they then moves clockwise the same number of segments as the the number he scored until all three darts are thrown. In the next round, the player begins with the last segment number on which they scored. Once the player reaches #3, they then try to score in the bull's eye to finally win.

First, each player throws one dart to pick their number. No two numbers may be next to each other. This game is usually played with three or more players. The object is to eliminate all other players before yourself in order to win. Next, the first player shoots three darts at their number trying to score seven points. The next player tries the same using their number and so on. When any player reaches seven points, they then become a "terminator" and tries to shoot at opposing player's numbers, which subtracts points from the opponents scores. If another player also becomes a "terminator", they may then reduce another "terminators" score below seven so that they must return to shooting at their number to regain the seven-point score and become a "terminator" once again.

(REVERSE SIDE OF #5003 AND #5004)

  • Rules are very similar to Major League Baseball. Game may be played with two or more players.
  • Object is to score as many runs as possible before obtaining three outs.
  • Any batter that makes it to base, advances other base runners the same number of bases.
  • Double play counts as two outs but does not remove base runners.
  • Triple play counts as three out and retires the side.
  • The HR - in the center scores as a home run.
  • The PB-counts as past ball and moves the batter to first base without having to throw a second dart at first base.
  • Foul Ball - does not count and can be thrown again.
  • Game is played for nine innings.
  • Any dart on any borderline counts to the advantage of the player.
The "Dart Shark" should be placed on a wall so that the bulls eye center is five feet three inches from the floor. Throwing distance should be seven feet three inches from the board to the foul line.

This is not a toy. Keep out of reach of children! It may cause serious injury. Place dartboard in a safe place away from doorways. Darts should not be thrown when people are near the dartboard